Location & ascents to the Rifugio Pian di Cengia


GPS Coordinates: N 46°37.897´ E 12°20.478´

We recommend the Tabacco hiking map no. 10 or 17.



  • From the Rifugio Auronzo (parking, 2,320 m)above Misurina, via the Lavaredo shelter, path no. 104, 3 hours 200 marrow_downward 380 marrow_upward

    Bus connection from Sesto, San Candido, Dobbiaco, Misurina, Cortina to the Auronzo shelter.

    Car path, easily walkable. During the flowering period you will be able to admire the wonderful flora, marmots, a little lake, and enjoy the sun … the Cima Dodici always in front of you.

  • From the Rifugio Auronzo (parking, 2,320 m)above Misurina, via the Lavaredo & Locatelli hut, path no. 104/101, 3 hours, 400 marrow_upward

    Easy path, pass the north side of Mount Paterno (no. 101), with a beautiful view of the north walls of the Tre Cime. From the Piani lakes near the Locatelli hut, about 1.5 hours left to walk, last half hour steep ascent to the Pian di Cengia.

  • Tip: Use one of the two ways to get to us and the other to return to the valley – that will make it a fantastic circular hike around Mount Paterno (approx. 6 hours).
  • Public transport: South Tyrol, Belluno


  • From Val Fiscalina (Sesto, parking 1,454 m) via the Rifugio Comici, trail nr. 103/101, 4 hours, 1,070 marrow_upward

    The fastest ascent from the Sesto Valley (no. 103), partly steep and full of stairs, beautiful views of the Alta Val Fiscalina with Mount Lista/Hochleist showing the way, the Via Ferrata Alpini runs directly opposite the trail only slightly higher. Once arrived at the Rifugio Comici, go west (no. 101) to reach the passage Fiscalino. Almost there: only 10 minutes to our hut!

  • From Val Fiscalina (Sesto, parking 1,454 m) via the Rifugio Locatelli, path no. 102/101, 4.5 hours, 1,150 marrow_upward

    Start your hike (trail no. 102) through the pines along a stony path uphill, passing by the Sasso Vecchio Valley until get to the Alpe dei Piani, where on the left you can see the Monte Paterno and further East the Pian di Cengia, on the right the Lastron degli Scarperi. Once you have reached the Rifugio Locatelli, you can admire the majestic north faces of the Tre Cime. From there it takes you about 1 hour (no. 101), on a path almost flat, then steep, to our Pian di Cengia shelter.

    Known as the Giro dei Rifugi di Sesto (Sesto hut tour), duration: 7 hours.

  • Tip: The hut tour is an experience in both directions. The ascent via the Rifugio Comici is shadier, so on hot days we recommend walking clockwise.
  • Public transport: South Tyrol, Belluno


  • From Val Marzon (Auronzo - Valle d`Ansiei, 1,260 m) path no. 107/104, 4.5 hours, 1,250 marrow_upward

    A wild and lonely path that, in the engraving of the Cengia Valley, leads to Pian dei Cavalli over hairpin turns, where it enters path no. 131.

  • From Dobbiaco, Val di Landro (parking Valle della Rienza, 1,406 m), via the Locatelli shelter, path no. 102/101, 4.5 hours, 1,200 marrow_upward

    It starts with a gentle climb through the Valle della Rienza to continue on hairpin turns up to the Piani della Rienza (source of the river Rienza) and then to go on to Locatelli shelter. You continue on path no. 101 to Pian di Cengia hut.

  • From Val Campo di Dentro (parking, 1,486 m), via the Rifugio Tre Scarperi and Locatelli shelter, path no. 105/101, 4.5 hours, 1,200 marrow_upward

    From the Val Campo di Dentro parking (shuttle service from the main road during high season), follow the beautiful trail (no. 105) to Rifugio Locatelli and the no. 101 up to Pian di Cengia. Information on the shuttle service available at the tourist offices.

  • Further ascent possibility: You can also reach us taking the via ferrata Monte Paterno towards East (Schartenweg/Sentiero delle Forcelle). Or via the ferrata Severino Casara starting at the Carducci hut.
  • Public transport: South Tyrol, Belluno
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